Polish Restaurant in York

Blue Barbakan
34 Fossgate
Great food in a relaxed setting

Great food in a relaxed setting

The Blue Barbakan is an independent restaurant based on Fossgate serving predominantly traditional Polish cuisine but with an extra multi european twist. We serve dishes strongly influenced by several different countries within Eastern Europe fused with others that have been taken from more of a Western European style. Everything, without exception, is made on the premises.

Opening hours

Monday 9am - 3pm / 5.30pm - 9pm
Tuesday 9am - 3pm / 5.30pm - 10pm
Wednesday 9am - 3pm / 5.30pm - 10pm
Thursday 9am - 3pm / 5.30pm - 10pm
Friday 9am - 3pm / 5.30pm - 10pm
Saturday 9am - 4pm / 5pm - 10pm
Sunday 10am - 9pm